"Hell may have no fury like a woman scorned but heaven hath no sweetness like a sports fan vindicated." - Samcat

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Brain Dump

(Photo originally from Boston.com, I believe)*

Hi, me again. How's it going? Just a few more things:

You may have noticed - bright, attractive readers that you are - that I've made some changes to the sidebar. I've reorganized a few things, deleted some links to sites that never get updated and added a few new ones.

Of note:

The Adventures of Capewind and Akimbo. Apparently, this running thing is for real. As such, I've expanded my vast blogging empire to dedicate another blog entirely to running and the process of training for a half-marathon, marathon, etc. Amy joins me (she being the Capewind to my Akimbo). I knew you'd all get tired of reading my running details over here so I gave that crap it's own site. It's also a different kind of writing for me since it's less about snark and commentary than it is about introspection and observation. So, you know, navel-gazing. Just what blogs were invented for!

Jezebel. Because those bitches manage to be funny, insightful, thought-provoking and topical ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Plus sometimes they post pictures of baby pandas and stuff.

Postcards from Yo Momma
. People send in emails from their mothers. Because, let's face it, sometimes emails from your mom are funny. Yeah, I said your mom. What of it?

These Bastards. Sean from Winking in the Sincere Light and his writing partner Matthew have teamed up to create an Onion-y (mmmmm), Deadspin-ish, satirical, you know, site...thingie. (I iz writur?) Just go read it. Provided you have the time. They are annoyingly prolific and I've already accused Sean of being on speed or farming out his writing duties to a team of shackled monkeys with typewriters. Monkeys who sometimes use big words. C'mon, check it out. It's not like you're working.

Wonkette. Same media network as Jezebel but more politic-y. Tasty, tasty politics. Hope and optimism with a side order of cynical skepticism. Just how I like it.

Oh, right...sports? How's this for an exchange:

Me: I'm still trying to come up with the perfect poetic description for Julio Lugo's aptly timed exploding quad.

Sean: "Julio Lugo's Aptly Timed Exploding Quad" should be turned into a logo, stickered on thousands of brown bottles, and peddled across the country by door-to-door salesmen in ill-fitting suits.

You'll read his stuff now, won't you?

*There is no reason for that picture. I just figured I'd get you to pay attention by posting a picture of David Ortiz with a puppy. Worked, didn't it? I'm shameless.