"Hell may have no fury like a woman scorned but heaven hath no sweetness like a sports fan vindicated." - Samcat

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Sugar High

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Annette and I let the Christmas sugar rush go to our heads as we discuss how The Rick's shoulder surgery will affect the 2007 season.

Me: My dad's having shoulder surgery right now.

Annette: What the fuck for?

Me: Something to do with impingement or something and a possible rotator cuff injury. Which likely means he won't be able to jump to the starting rotation until midway through the 2007 season at the earliest.

Annette: Well, then we're fucked. Completely. Or at least my fantasy team is. I was really counting on The Rick to make a difference for me this year. Especially in the important categories like "Do Wah Ditty" sing-a-longs. That category is worth so many points and he routinely cleans up. Ugh.

Me: I think The Rick will still be available to pinch hit in sing-a-longs in the later innings.

Annette: I don't question his heart, I just worry about roster availibility and stuff. I mean, there are rules to the DL. At least it's still the offseason. Winterfest is still a good bit away.

Me: I'll bet we could hide him on the roster somewhere. Just use him as a bench player. Or keep him in the minors and just bring him up when rosters expand. Or he'll make an excellent bench coach.

The Rick is not at that stage of his career. His vocals are still major league ready. And the way he emotes when he performs...unparalleled. Perhaps in a few years, I could see him as a bench coach. But not yet. The injury doesn't seem career threatening to me at least.

Me: I trust he'll power through and be back to doing mic tosses and power slides in no time.