"Hell may have no fury like a woman scorned but heaven hath no sweetness like a sports fan vindicated." - Samcat

Monday, December 11, 2006

Bring a Player to Work Day

That's "Mr. Brown" to you.

Me: Seriously, no one else would have been able to rock that polo shirt and dad jeans.

KCee: Of course not. He could probably pull off pleated pants. JEANS even.

Me: He's
Troy Brown. Who's gonna tell him no? Certainly not me. Marianne contends that he was mystified by the sheer amount of white people in the place, it being a hockey game and all.

KCee: She might be right. Then again, if he ever came to our offices, he'd feel pretty much the same way.

Me: He can come sit in my cube. There are so many pictures of his teammates around here that it'd be like he was at practice.

KCee: My office would be like his office, because, you know, his picture is on the door n' shit.

Me: Obviously, he needs to come visit. It’s a good thing he wasn’t closer last night, I never would have stopped hugging him. Oh, and they had one of those things where you could text a message to a certain number and they’d put it on the scoreboard between periods. After they showed him, nearly every message said, “We love Troy Brown!”

KCee: I think you may be on to something there- I mean- hell- kids can take football players to school. Why can’t we bring them to work?

Me: I know! It’d be like when Kendra brings the boys in. Except maybe
Troy wouldn’t be so amused by trains. But then again, maybe he would.

KCee: OhmygodthatwoudlbeAWESOME.

Me: He’d be all spinning around in circles in the chair.
Troy, what are you doing?”
“Ah, I see.”

KCee: Imagine the patterns and routes he could run around the cubicles! Through the kitchens! Then, after spinning, he’d drink tons of soda and watch it all come out his nose.

Me: This. Must. Happen.

KCee: Get on that. You know people. Don’t you?

Me: Um, if by “know people” you mean, “can stake out the entrances at the TD Banknorth whateverthehell” and wait for him to go in…sure.

KCee: I mean the newspaper people- you are published. Help a sister out and make some calls.

Me: I have absolutely no problem abusing my position for this kind of thing.

KCee: Good. Bring Troy Brown to Work Day will be a smash hit.

Me: Absolutely.