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Thursday, September 28, 2006


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That's right kids, it's nearly hockey season. I can't be the only one who's excited, can I? Even if your excitement is based solely on the fact that the Bruins couldn't POSSIBLY suck more than they did last season, well, that's something, ain't it?

Also? HANNU IS BACK! Along with Tim Thomas, Toivonen returns to mind the net for the B's. I'm excited because, dudes, I love me some Hannu. He played reigning Calder Cup winner Andrew "dull as a rusty razor" Raycroft right outta a job last season. But, as if I needed more of a reason to love the dude, apparently he's taking uniform inspiration this season from French-Canadian goalie Denis Lemieux from the film "Slap Shot." I believe you all know how I feel about "Slap Shot." According to the Bruins press release:

//You see Hannu is wearing a replica of the fictional goalie's mask, and his pads are colored to look like the old leather pads worn by fashionable keepers into the late 1980's.

Taking a queue from the famous movie and hoping to play off the Bruins vintage third jerseys, which are made to look like the B's 1966-67 sweater, Toivonen is sure to cut quite the profile this year as he skates onto TD Banknorth Garden ice.//


I mean, none of us knows how the season is going to play out for the Bruins. They could suck mightily or they could...suck slightly less mightily. I'm willing to lay bets only on Zdeno Chara skating clean over someone at some point because 7 feet tall with skates on is not be be trifled with. But aside from that, who knows? That said, might as well have a little fun with our hockey, eh? Bring on the season!