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Monday, September 18, 2006

Does "RB" Stand for "Robot?"

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(photo from Boston.com)

Corey Dillon gets down with his bad self.

So this alleged running game of ours? It can stay. What are the odds that Laurence Maroney jerseys are flying off the shelves?

Not that it wasn't interesting. Because it was, unecessarily so. A 24-0 halftime lead shouldn't end in a relative nailbiter but hey, we're New England, our sports teams don't do things the easy way around here.

Although whoever said that the Patriots need to finish tackles that they start (I believe it was Rodney Harrison), was absolutely correct. You must sit on the ball carrier until he cries for mercy, gentlemen. He must be all the way down. And he must take a while to get up. However, this was the second game in a row without an unecessary roughness penalty against Mr. Harrison. What's that all about? It's almost not a real football game unless Rodney crushes someone's will to live. And we were playing the Jets, quarterbacked by the owner of, in my opinion, the most punchable face in the NFL. You're telling me that Rodney didn't want a piece of that? I won't believe you.

Now, before I continue, allow me to delve just a bit more into this "punchable" Chad Pennington thing. Some may argue that the most punchable face in the NFL belongs to Peyton Manning, or Mike Vanderjadt or perhaps Terrell Owens. But personally, I'd much rather release a haymaker in Pennington's direction. Because while those other guys surely annoy the piss out of me on a regular basis, at least they're, you know, good. Pennington thinks he's good. He's gone so far as to chastise the New York media for being too negative in reporting on the Jets and his performances in particular. But I'm not buying it. He's one of those QBs that the NFL keeps trying to convince me is spectacular (like Culpepper or Plummer or Bledsoe) and I'm just not seeing it. Plus, he's a smug little bastard. Come on, you're telling me you don't want to punch this guy? He looks like, when he's not playing football, he's captaining the sailboat that his daddy bought him while wearing a pink, popped collar polo shirt and a sweater knotted over his shoulder. All he's missing is a roman numeral in his name.

And yes, before you say it, I'm sure there are plenty of people who want to punch Tom Brady too. But Tom Brady is actually quite awesome at the football thing. And also I love him and he's better than you. So nyah!

So, who else predicted that that last field goal was gonna be blocked? The way things were going, you could just feel it. Poor New Kicker. It really wasn't his fault. I'm gonna have to agree with Amy and say that I want a jersey that says "New Kicker" on the back.

Oh, and Tedy. God, I love me some Tedy Bruschi. Please don't ever leave me again. And use that cast to knock around some QBs. Pennington or otherwise.

And for those of you who are interested, I believe the tally on Manning-related or Manning-adjacent commercials sits somewhere around 7,536. Uncle. Enough a