"Hell may have no fury like a woman scorned but heaven hath no sweetness like a sports fan vindicated." - Samcat

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Dazed and Confused

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(photo from Boston.com)

Dear Boston Red Sox: (oh, yes, it's letter writin' time already),

Ha ha, funny joke, guys. No, really, that's a good one. We get it and it's hilarious and all but uh, the thing is, when can we expect Doug Mirabelli to return to the Red Sox in his role as Tim Wakefield's personal catcher, security blanket and binky? Because, uh, last night? Not so pretty.

No, really, good joke. You had us going there. But, really, any day now would be great. Any day at all. We'll be waiting.

The Undersigned

Tim Wakefield's psyche
My brother
Josh Bard's knees
Jason Varitek's temperment
Red Sox Nation

PS. This is a joke, right? Guys? Guys?