"Hell may have no fury like a woman scorned but heaven hath no sweetness like a sports fan vindicated." - Samcat

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday Morning Shock and Awe...

...or the things that impress me this morning.

First of all, Abby ran the marathon. Like, the whole thing. All of it. And while that is certainly impressive enough on it's own, she did it while raising boatloads of money for Dana Farber which is obviously beyond awesome. And when Amy and I saw her around mile 23, she didn't even look like she was wishing for the earth to open up and swallow her whole which is really something. Between Abby and Katherine - who ran the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco back in October to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (and who called me from an orange-tinted bathtub full of ice shortly thereafter and proceeded to have one of the most amusing conversations of my life), these are some amazing women I know. Said amazing women have also apparently drugged me and convinced me to do this with them in November so stay tuned for updates on that lunacy. (For the record, I am only half as insane. Half marathon, half crazy, you see?) But now the unforgiving internet denizens know about it so I have to do it. That said, full congratulations and measures of awe are due to Abby today. Nice work, lady.

Secondly on the list of things that impress me: the Bruins. The way I figure it, those boys had no business even being anywhere near a Game 7 so that's something to be proud of. Plenty of the time they flat-out out-played Montreal and turned in some fairly excellent hockey. That and with the nearly pre-pubescent Kessel, Lucic, Krejci, Sobotka and Bergeron, this team surely has the talent to continue to improve in the next few years. I think they've got a lot of promise and I, for one, look forward to watching them next season. Get ready for some more hockey in this space is what I'm saying. Trust me, you'll love it.

And finally, Red Sox. Specifically, little Claybelline (TM Luna) who got his first win of the season and turned in quite a quality start against the Rangers, thus completing the four game sweep. And this without a healthy Tek behind home plate too! Tek apparently being struck down with quite a flu bug. So kudos to Clay for hitching up his big boy pants and getting the job done. And also to Ortiz, who has evidently decided that this slumping thing is not for him anymore and he'll be hitting baseballs now if that's cool with everyone.

Now, as for me, I need to go find some aloe for my sunburn. But you know what that means? It's spring, you guys! Finally!