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Friday, April 11, 2008

Sean Casey: Baseball Badass

(Photo from msnmedia.com)

Sean Casey doesn't want you to worry about Mike Lowell. Sean Casey is gonna take care of things. He's gonna be getting hits and playing solid defense and worrying about the baseball end of things because he just wants you to have a good time. Because, after all, isn't baseball supposed to be fun? Sean Casey thinks so.

Sean Casey also apparently
hangs out at the Kowloon (thanks to Kim for the tip), which is AWESOME beyond words. I KNEW I picked the right Red Sox Boyfriend. I wonder if he too was disappointed in the house band's lack of knowledge of Journey and REO Speedwagon. Sean Casey strikes me as a man who's gotten down to "Separate Ways" on more than one occasion. It might be his ring tone even. If I ever get confirmation on this I'm afraid I'm going to stalk him relentlessly until he agrees to be my best friend. There are just no two ways about it.

ANYWAY...astute readers have pointed out that with Wakefield pitching and Casey playing first, the Sox might've resorted to Care Bear Staring the Tigers into submission. But actually, it was slightly more complicated than that. And really, a bit tougher, which I think is a positive sign. Aside from Julian Tavarez giving credence to reader David's belief that he should just quit now and open the Julian Tavarez Feline Training Academy (seriously, you guys, I have some hilarious readers), the Sox showed some fight. Every time the Tiger bats woke up and tried to make a game of it, the Sox fought back. It was highly encouraging. And scoring 12 runs for a Tim Wakefield start has to make Wake feel good. After all, we know how this team has traditionally felt about scoring runs for poor Timmy.

Now, however, might be the time that Jim Leyland starts wandering the dugout pantsless in an effort to terrify his players into winning. Because, damn. At the very least, he's going to outfit his bullpen coach with a BB gun and give him license to wing a reliever every time he throws a ball. Or he's going to replace the postgame spread with expired K rations until they can get their shit together. I'm sure that'll go over well.

Apparently the Yankees are coming to town. Tonight. Already. Sigh, is it time for this so soon? Other than the fact that I'm greatly enjoying New York Yankee Shortstop Controversy '08, I'm not sure I'm ready for this. At least I'll have tequila.