"Hell may have no fury like a woman scorned but heaven hath no sweetness like a sports fan vindicated." - Samcat

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Rangers/Red Sox Unclear on Location of Track Meet

(Photo from Boston.com)

No, no, I get it. Totally understandable confusion. Boston/Beijing. Practically the same thing. Both, you know, cities. With...people. And...buildings. Oh, and cars. Sometimes cars too. Completely makes sense to me that the Rangers and Red Sox would therefore get confused and decide to stage an impromptu track meet at Fenway last night. Totally.

Plus, you just KNOW that Dustin Pedroia firmly believes he could be an Olympic sprinter if he "felt like it." Probably thinks that Michael Phelps kid is a punk too. He wins gold medals, sure, but has he ever stood in against a K-Rod fastball? Didn't think so.

Anyway, wild night at Fenway. The game is over, right? I'd hate to think that my friends who were in attendance are still there, forced to move into the bleachers and build a makeshift shelter out of discarded French fry containers and dirty beer cups. Wouldn't want to see them fighting the pigeons for the stray sunflower seeds. That'd be tragic.

That said, how do we all feel about Charlie Zink? I feel like we've been talking about him for years - possibly because knuckleballers are an endangered species - so it's good to finally see the boy called up. Not good that Wakefield is hurt but perhaps he's just experiencing a little Old Man-itis and will be fine in due time. Plus, "Zink" is really kind of fun to say.

Also? Jed Lowrie. What did I tell you? Am I right or am I right? Actually, come to think of it, has anyone seen Julio Lugo and his Aptly Timed Exploding Quad around lately? Is he selling the aforementioned sunflower seeds at a concession stand along the third base line perhaps? That'd be about in line with his skill set.

So. That happened. But when the dust cleared, the Sox had prevailed. Finally. Amy called it the "Choose Your Own Adventure" school of bullpen management and she's dead on. Perhaps we all need a nap before tonight?