"Hell may have no fury like a woman scorned but heaven hath no sweetness like a sports fan vindicated." - Samcat

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Era of Good Feelings

(photo from Boston.com)

There's really no other reason for posting that picture except that it might just be the cutest thing ever. David Ortiz with small children, David Ortiz with puppies and David Ortiz with Johnny Pesky have been proven to be so sweet, they cause cavities. But come on, that's David Ortiz and Johnny Pesky. How can you not want to look at that?

I guess that best represents the incongruous nature of a one David Ortiz in that one minute, he's hugging old men in the dugout and creating new handshakes with Manny and the next he's doing his patented bat flip and pimp stroll around the bases after launching a grand slam into the deepest part of the park. Simply put, the man can do it all.

Turns out Ortiz's grand slam was all the offense the Sox would need behind a solid, 10 strike out pitching performance by Jon Lester. Of course with the Gas Can Twins (TM The Rick) in the bullpen, more runs is never a bad thing. So pile on we did. I wonder if Larry Bowa called Tito during a time-out in the Yankees/Phillies game to complain about the Red Sox running up the score?

But I'll be damned if the Z boys (TM Red), didn't try to make it a little interesting. Let's just say Amy broke out the Rudy Seanez voice and we listened to her go on for a half inning about his love for tomato sandwiches. I...don't know. You really have to hear it in person.

Lester, in a 9th inning interview with Remy and Don-O was equal parts awed, poised and terrified. Not to mention boring as shit. I see he's been reading the Jason Varitek Guide to Giving Interviews. But that's okay. He's already started to emulate Papelbon with the fist pump and the way he wears his hat so I'd say he's in good hands. That, and Curt Schilling stood at the dugout railing, grinning from ear to ear like a proud father so you just know that kid's gonna be all right. You know, until Curt starts getting tough with him and refusing to give him any Gatorade until he throws 100 consecutive strikes.

Possibly the most entertaining part of the evening, however, aside from Papi's, you know, Papi-ness, was Kevin Youkilis, wired for sound. At one point, the microphones caught Youks talking to Tito.

Youks: When you get fired, can I come play for your team?
Tito: Only if I'm in Triple A.

Of course Youkilis is gonna be the one to give Tito shit about getting fired. Of course he is. Was there ever a doubt? It's not like Mike Lowell is going to be having a lively discussion with Tito about anything other than the best way to properly glaze a pear tart or where the best sushi in the Greater Boston area can be found (free plug for Super Fusion Cuisine in Brookline). Though I am certain that the mention of "Triple A" make Youkilis recoil as I just know that something untoward went on down there in Pawtucket and he can't go back there for reasons I can't get into other than to say they involve Tom's Topless, a high-ranking state official and someone named "Bubbles." I've already said too much.

So things are lookin' up. Yes, winning streaks tend to make even the hardest of hearts soften a bit but it's finally stopped raining (note: I am not testing you, weather gods, merely making an observation), I've only complained about the heat four or five times a day (my average is more like fifty), and the Sox are playing good baseball at a good time. Today's an off day where we can savor two consecutive sweeps in a row and gear up to "welcome" the Phillies to Fenway Park. Summer time is here.