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Friday, June 03, 2005

Worth Mentioning

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(My, the Post is clever with their headlines!)

The sweep of the big, bad Yankees at the hands of the "aw shucks" Royals has, in addition to making me smile hugely, also kicked off a flurry of emails between a KC fan colleauge and myself wherein we reminisce about Tony Pena's penchant for sitting down behind the plate and somehow end up deciding that Lou Pinella and The Eck need to have their own color commentary show. But for now, witness the always dependable New York Post.

I won't suggest that you all register for spam from the Post to read this article, but suffice it to say, it starts off like this:

The stench originating from America's heartland and wafting East was coming out of the Yankee uniforms last night, when every pinstriped pore reeked.

And then it gets better:

If George Steinbrenner poked his head into the Tampa night long enough to inhale, he could smell $200 million worth of talent rotting.

There's really not much I can add to such pure poetry, so I won't even try.