"Hell may have no fury like a woman scorned but heaven hath no sweetness like a sports fan vindicated." - Samcat

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hey! Look! A cool thing!

(Photo from Stadium Journey)

Considering that it's no longer, you know, baseball season per se here in New England, it's understandable that you might be jonesing for some baseball-y goodness devoid of talk about A-Rod's sudden resurgence and his subsequent role as New York's baseball messiah. It's also possible that the rain and wind and seriously, was that snow last week? and other insane weather may have you dreaming of warmer temperatures and longer days. Perhaps you're even thinking of taking a baseball-centric trip next year. Or perhaps you're just looking for the best burrito outside Landshark Stadium. In any case, Stadium Journey is worth your time.

Full disclosure: I share an apartment with one of the founders. And he is, in point of fact, a New York sports fan. But that little hiccup aside shouldn't keep you from checking out the site. It's actually a very cool site with reviews of professional stadiums and the surrounding areas where the writers rate everything from sight lines to value to historic importance of the stadium. Jonah and Dan's reviews of our very own Fenway can be found here.

The eventual plan for the site will prove extremely useful for visitors to any city featuring a sports team - professional or otherwise - as they've got big ideas for message boards and user-generated content. Like say you're going to Phoenix for work and you feel like taking in a Coyotes game while you're there (provided Wayne Gretzky has his way and they keep a hockey team in the completely ridiculous location of Phoneix, Arizona), and you want to book a hotel nearby. The idea is the site will be able to help with that. And also with recommendations for good food, good bars and perhaps even a good deal on that hard-to-find Coyotes bobblehead. The SJ boys are also very open to ideas and want to hear from you. The Stadium Journey Facebook page is here. It's entirely possible that they have a Twitter account too but I'm old and now assume that Twitter is something professional athletes use to snipe at each other with poorly constructed insults.

Semi-personal plug though it may be, we've got to do something to get through the winter. And the Patriots only play once a week. Might as well read about how the hot dogs in Chicago stack up to the pierogis in Pittsburgh.