"Hell may have no fury like a woman scorned but heaven hath no sweetness like a sports fan vindicated." - Samcat

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hooray for Fun!

(Photo from Boston.com)

Would ya look at that, the boys actually came from behind to take one in dramatic fashion. I knew I hadn't been imagining the fact that they don't score runs after the 8th inning as NESN's helpful graphic told me that last night's game improved their line to 2-41 in games when they went into the 8th inning behind. But Mike Lowell was not having it. Really, does Mike Lowell ever have it? I don't think so. So very fitting that Lowell, a cancer-survivor himself would hit the home run to spark the rally. Perhaps somewhat Hallmark Movie of the Week but come on, baseball is full of drama for a reason.

"Nice to see our boys jumping on each other," Francona said in the Globe. That's one way of putting it, Tito. He's nicer than I am so he probably wasn't spouting profanity-laced tirades throughout the course of the game, wondering why no one felt like scoring runs against the Devil Rays. And yeah, sure it was Kazmir and he's good but Tampa Bay Bullpen is like my favorite thing ever (second only to Yankee Bullpen), and had they not decided to feast on said soft underbelly, I was...well, I was going to march right down there and stare at them reproachfully.

Luckily, that wasn't needed and headpats and handshakes were all the rage.

Additionally, it was a great outing by Jon Lester in his Fenway debut (re-debut?). Emotional and touching, sure, but it was also great pitching, which, I'm pretty sure, is all he ever wanted anyway. I heard his postgame interview this morning while I was getting ready and I had to step out of the bathroom where I was brushing my teeth because I didn't immediately recognize his voice. He sounds so much older than I remember. Sure, that's likely a cliche but I don't remember him seeming this in control before, and I think that can only mean good things.

Also good? I'm fairly certain that Don Orsillo blew a gasket calling the walk-off last night. I'm 84% sure I heard him refer to Tek as "Captain Varitek" when he slid in safely as the winning run. Orsillo was very excited as he's not had the opportunity to call many walk-offs this year. I fear he might've strained something.

Oh, and the Yankees? Got annihilated 12-0 by the Orioles. Doing a quick turn around from "team we must beat, oh my god why?" to "team that is totally my favorite please to be beating the Yankees," the Orioles did their job well. Day games for everyone today so warm up that "minimize" finger for the MLB.com window on your work computer. Perhaps the Sox will have realized that scoring runs is fun and finally get Matsuzaka his 14th win? No time like the present.