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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Midsummer Classic

(Photo from Yahoo! Sports)

Seriously, you guys, Manny loves everyone.

Okay now that was an interesting All-Star Game. Ignoring for a moment that Fox was treating it like the All Barry Bonds and A-Rod Game and it was actually quite enjoyable. There were home runs - of varying varieties, good pitching, pitching meltdowns, an almost historic comeback, Jose Reyes and Brian Roberts being BFFs at second for a few minutes and actually causing Greta to stop breathing AND A-Rod being thrown out at the plate. What more could you ask for?

I'm not entirely sure why, prior to the game in their red carpet "we're riding in trucks" business, Jeter was dressed like an extra on Miami Vice and A-Rod was doing his best impression of the captain of the Love Boat but, you know, I'm not a Yankee. Maybe it makes sense if you are?

While I did not enjoy Tim McCarver's blustering - there were at least three occasions where I just threw up my hands and said, "What the fuck are you talking about? Street musicians?" - I did appreciate that MLB stuck cameras in the clubhouse prior to the game. Of course, I also feel like they missed a golden opportunity. During Jim Leyland's speech about how baseball is "booming all over the country and not just in New York and Boston" I think they cut away too soon, before we could see Papelbon go all Talladega Nights on Leyland and threaten to "come at you like a spider* monkey, old man." Because, come on, that happened. Cinco Ocho doesn't truck with disrespect to his team. Not from Jim Leyland and not from anybody.

And I can't be the first person to notice that Brad Penny and Derek Lowe have turned into each other can I?

And Josh Beckett got the win. So that's nice. Speaking of Beckett, with the sheer amount of cranial mass residing on that field last night, it's a wonder the earth didn't spin off its axis. I mean, in addition to Beckett (whom I've refrained from calling "Fathead" because his pitching hasn't warranted it, but come on, that dude has a huge melon), you've also got Senor Cabeza himself, Barry Bonds. Not to mention Placido Polanco, he of the world's greatest moment in baseball prominently featuring a head sock. Then there's Pudge and Bobby Jenks and Prince Fielder and the aforementioned Brad Penny. Big heads, the lot of 'em. I'm just sayin'.

Who's idea was it to stand Papelbon and Bobby Jenks next to each other in pregame introductions? I sincerely hope they were separated shortly thereafter because there is absolutely no telling what they could have gotten up to otherwise. I shudder to think.

So...yay AL? Honestly, I could not possibly care less about the "counting" aspect of the All-Star Game, I mostly just like watching some good players do some interesting things. So in that sense, the game succeeded. Now back to work.

Also, unrelated but no less awesome: Troy Brown is back for another year. Yayyyyyyyy!

*edited because I'm a moron, apparently.