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Monday, May 02, 2005

Enough Already!


I promise I'll have a real post up sometime this afternoon detailing the weekend series with the Rangers and exactly how many knots Keith Foulke caused me to tie myself into, but until then, this mildly tempered rant will have to do.

I. Hate. This. (via Bridget).

Y'all know this is one of my particular pet peeves. Thankfully, some women sports fans seem to be coming around.

Said Jacquelyn Cuneen, a professor of sports and marketing at Bowling Green University:

''I am sure the Red Sox are reaching a good niche market with their clothing designs for women. I am not at all sure why teams believe they have to 'genderize' clothing. Fans buy items such as jerseys and T-shirts . . . to demonstrate they identify with the team, and the team is dressed in their signature colors and logos, not in tangerine and sea mist."

By the way, Jacquelyn Cuneen is my new hero.


To date, only three Sox player name T-shirts come in that color: Johnny Damon, Jason Varitek, and David Ortiz.

So how was that decided?

''They have the, I don't know, the cute factor," said store manager Swartz.


I don't know why this angers me so much. I don't know why I can't ignore it. But there it is. Real post coming later on.