"Hell may have no fury like a woman scorned but heaven hath no sweetness like a sports fan vindicated." - Samcat

Monday, November 07, 2005

Holla for Hannu!

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You know what I think? I think Hannu Toivonen is becoming my Doug Mirabelli. He's the backup goalie for phenom Andrew Raycroft and I've taken quite a liking to the lad. Of course, he's a mere pup at 21-years-old but he's pretty handy with the blocker and the stick and all. I have already made t-shirts for his fan club.

I gave Annette her first taste of professional hockey on Saturday night as the Bruins took on the Pittsburgh Penguins. I think she liked it. Of course, it helped that the B's took the lead 28 seconds into the game. A lead they wouldn't relinquish all night. Also, I may add, Annette is rather brilliant. Some day soon, I'm going to have her write up her proposed revamped marketing plan for the Bruins and I'm going to storm the offices on Causeway Street and demand that they listen to us. We are very wise.

And for those of you who aren't watching hockey, I'm going to keep bugging you until you do. But you really should be watching and I'll tell you why. Patrice Bergeron. That is why. Mr. Bergeron, a mere 20-years-old, is one of the most exciting players in the game right now. On Saturday night, as he skated up ice, I said to Annette, "Watch #37. He's really fast and precise." Bergeron then proceeded to out-maneuver three defenders, pass the puck to himself between the legs of a fourth and flip it top shelf over goalie Sebastian Caron's left shoulder for a fantastic goal. "Wow," Annette said, "That was really impressive."

"Thank you for proving my point," I said in the general direction of the ice.

As for the Penguins, I'm beginning to see why a team with so much raw talent (Mario Lemieux, Mark Recchi, Sidney Crosby, Sergei Gonchar), has won a sum total of three games. They just don't look like they're used to playing together. And probably, they're not. You've got 16-year veteran Lemieux playing on the same line with rookie phenom Crosby and there are going to be some crossed wires. Eventually, I think Pittsburgh will be a dangerous team, for for the time-being, they've got some kinks to work out.

The Bruins, on the other hand, look to maybe, possibly, finally, be coming together. It's to the team's credit that they've been able to do it lately without starter Raycroft (injured hamstring) in net, relying instead on the younger and less experienced Toivonen. But the young'un has held his own. Additionally, the signing (finally) of defenseman Nick Boynton helps tremendously. Particularly with Brian Leetch (knee) possibly out for the season. I'm reluctant to say it's all falling into place but at the very least, the Bruins are fun to watch.

And keep your eye on Bergeron. He's gonna be something.

I heard tell there was a football game happening tonight as well? Frankly, I'm a little too nervous to talk about it. If by "little too nervous" I mean "pushed to the brink of naseau." I'll have postgame breakdown tomorrow. And likely some snarky comments about Peyton Manning.

And finally, a heartfelt "Thank you!" to all of my friends (and family) who helped celebrate my 25th birthday this weekend. You are all fantastic and wonderful people and I am supremely lucky to have you. Seriously, you guys are the greatest.