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Friday, February 25, 2005

What Might Have Been

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(I love it when you call me Big Papi)

Hoo's already posted on this but it was sent to me via a coworker (thanks, Bridget) and it had me giggling madly and wiping tears from my eyes.

Title of the thread on NYYFans.com: "Should the Yankees Take a Look at David Ortiz?"

Salient (heh) points:

"i think the yankees have enough 1st baseman/dh types..." - KLJ

"Yeah, with the signing of Zeile there's really no role for Ortiz." - Mr. Mxylsplk

And perhaps most deliciously: "he's a fat and he can't run or field. we have enough DHs. and most importantly, he's very injury prone, which isn't a good sign for someone his age. all the guy does is hit home runs. besides that, he's worthless." - Trojan Pony

To all of them I say, "NEENER, NEENER!"

Has the season started yet?