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Thursday, January 10, 2008

You are cordially invited...

(Photo from Queer Eye for the Red Sox Guy)

...to Doug Mirabelli Appreciation Night

When: Sometime in February, to celebrate the opening of spring training when pitchers and catchers (including Dougie) will report. Specific date TBD.
Where: Kowloon Restaurant, Saugus, MA
Who: Anyone who wants to join us for an evening of pupu platters, egg rolls, fried rice, delightful baseball talk and, let's face it, probably some shenanigans.

I am not even close to kidding about this, kids. Multiple sources are reporting that Doug Mirabelli is coming back for another year with the Sox. To celebrate, we're doin' it up Dougie's Diary style. We get enough people on board and maybe we can get one of those embarrassing banquet rooms with private waiters. The Kowloon has a banquet menu, people. We can make this happen.

I'm serious. Who's with me? I've already told my brother - possibly the world's biggest Mirabelli fan - that his presence will be required. If you're nice I can probably hogtie some other local bloggers into participating. First ever Basegirl-sponsored restaurant tomfoolery. You in?

For reals, if you think you'd be down, email is on the side or you can just leave a comment. I'll post the date once the planning committee (consisting of myself and my usually drunk friends) chooses one.

And if, for some reason this deal doesn't go through - like maybe if Dougie fails his physical due to too many Kowloon egg rolls pre-weigh in, we'll do this anyway, as a tribute to Boston's beloved backup backstop. We kid because we love.

See you there!