"Hell may have no fury like a woman scorned but heaven hath no sweetness like a sports fan vindicated." - Samcat

Friday, October 26, 2007

Any Way You Want It

(Photo from Boston.com)

Yeah, that's right, the Journey quotes are coming fast and furious now. That can only mean good things.

Above, Jacoby Ellsbury does his part to end world hunger by stealing second to ensure tacos for America! What a patriot! What a guy! Royce Clayton can get his taco now. That Jacoby, such a nice boy.

This one...this one was not easy. This one had that postseason feel to it. That "this could go completely to shit at any second" feel. This is something I'm used to. But Schilling did what he's capable of doing and, once he got it together after a slow start, pitched a beautiful game. Of course, the Sox would be nowhere this season, or this postseason, without their bullpen, Manny Delcarmen Bullpen Band and all. Okajima, in particular, has pitched more than I often think is strictly wise, but has risen to the challenge every time. And just think, this is the guy we got to keep Matsuzaka company.

Then there's Papelbon who is apparently also capable of some impressive gymnastic moves out there on the field should the situation require it. And I mean, the Papel-parents are completely normal-looking folks. There is virtually no indication in that picture that those people have spawned the unholy union of Nolan Ryan and Michael Flatley, Lord of the Dance. (Not to mention the borderline psychotic Papel-twins.)

Curt Schilling just referred to this lethal bullpen combination as the "Papajima Show." Hmmm, possible. We'll take that under advisement, Curtis.

Weirdly, despite the fact that the Sox are now up 2-0, I'm more nervous now than I was after last night's game. (Two nights ago? What day is it anyway?) Perhaps it's the whole "Okay, so the Rockies have some shutdown pitching as well" thing and the "Coors Field is a mysterious place of legend and mystery" thing but mostly, I think, it's because this game felt real. Because World Series games are supposed to be tight. They're supposed to be hotly contested. They're supposed to be pitcher's duels. And Fox and NESN can throw stats and numbers at me all they want (not that I'm listening to anything Fox says, especially Eric Byrnes because, have some pride, dude, don't let Jeannie Zelasko and her freaky, freaky nose taunt you like that and also comb your hair! You're on national television!), but I know how these things can turn on a dime. So I remain cautiously optimistic.

I am, however, greatly enjoying the fact that in every commercial, the dude from Jordan's Furniture looks like he's about to vomit. Since they're two Sox wins away from hemorrhaging money. Unfortunately, I won't get my furniture for free because I didn't buy it in the time frame but I'm not gonna pretend like I won't be kind of amused if this happens because I'll feel like the Red Sox are objecting to the fact that it took for-freakin'-ever for Jordan's to get me said furniture. Because the Sox care that my living room is inviting and aesthetically pleasing to guests, obviously.

So now, we wait a day. The Rockies are likely not stoked about having yet another day off but such is the way of things. And NESN is promising, "Coming up: Reaction from Jacoby Ellsbury." I really hope someone has to wherewithal to ask him about Tacos for America.