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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Doubting Dale

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(Damn right, juniors are over. Time to step it up.)

Dale Arnold has some unappreciated things to say about our good friend Hannu Toivonen in today's Netminder's Blog on Boston.com:

The goaltending has also been subpar on a night-in/night-out basis. Andrew Raycroft may be pressing more than Zhamnov right now, and the results are every bit as depressing. I'm not sure that Hannu Toivonen is ready to take on the status of Number One goaltender, but he's almost been forced to of late as Sullivan does whatever he can do to help his team win. Toivonen has looked good a lot more than he's looked bad and as a result he's been given more of a chance to play. But I can't help but think this team has little chance in the long run without a return to form from Raycroft.

I have merely one thing to say: Holla! Prove him wrong, Hannu. Prove him wrong. I, for one, know you can do it. And I also know that the Bruins current state, (a sad, sad state of affairs), is not the fault of the goaltending. Not solely, anyway.

Let's see how the boys in black and gold fare tonight against the Minnesota Wild, which, last time I looked, wasn't actually a, you know, thing. Nebulous mascot and all, they come into town tonight sporting a 12-14 record which is only slightly less depressing than the Bruins' pathetic 10-15 one. So it's not like it's a match of the heavyweights here. More like two nearsighted monkeys trying to hit each other with rocks. Oy. Doesn't make sense either. Boston and Minnesota are hockey hotbeds. Or at least they should be. Instead, we've got teams in such ridiculous places as Dallas, Carolina (which one, we'll never know) and Tampa Bay at the tops of their respective divisions. In the immortal words of Will Ferrell, "I feel like I've taken crazy pills!"

And, you know, HOLLA!